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Title Just The Way You Are
Artist Bruno Mars
Album Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) - Track 2
Recorded 2010
Genre R&B, Pop
Length 3:40
Label Elektra
Writer(s) Peter Hernandez, Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine, Khalil Walton, Khari Cain
Producer The Smeezingtons, Needlz
The corresponding music video was directed by Ethan Lander and was shot in September 2010 in the downtown of Los Angeles. The video features Peruvian-Australian actress Nathalie Kelley. Lander considers Bruno Mars a star. He adds "The charisma that he has, you can’t teach.” Finishing with "singer even manages to be suave in his mugshot, which is no small feat!" He sees the video as a collaboration, the video dicrector came up with the vision and Mars added his vision and son on. The video is a mixture of live action and stopped animation and through the animation Bruno shows his girlfriend how beautiful she is. He takes a cassette tape and starts creating images out of the tape and they start to get a live of their own.

The video begins with Kelley listening to "Just the Way You Are" on her Walkman as Mars walks in. Mars stops the tape player, removes the cassette tape and begins singing his song. As the instrumental portion of the song begins, Mars pulls the media out of the cassette tape and arranges the media into letters forming his name followed by the song title. As the song continues, he forms a picture of a drum, again on the table, using the tape media. Additional images of similar construction follow throughout the video including a portrait of Mars as well as one of Kelley blinking her eyes and smiling as Mars continues singing. Most of the images shown are animated, including a bell which Mars rings with his fingers in synchronization with the chimes near the end of the song. Lastly, Mars finishes the song while singing and playing an upright piano while Kelley watches and smiles. The video was inspired by the artwork of Erika Iris Simmons.

Wikipedia article: Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars song)

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