The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama


The Black Eyed Peas performing Hey Mama
The Black Eyed Peas - Hey Mama
Song: Hey Mama
Artist: The Black Eyed Peas
Album: Elephunk
Recorded: 2003
Released: January 11, 2004
Genre: Hip Hop, Dancehall
Length: 3:34
Label: A&M,, Interscope
SongWriter(s): Will Adams, Anthony Henry

"Hey Mama" was released as the album's third single in 2004 and was a moderate hit. The radio mix of the song differs from the album version in that it cuts a verse from the end of the song and replaces it with an entirely new one that introduces Fergie.
The song was featured in the original television commercial for the iPod, and was also played in the movie Garfield : The Movie. "Hey Mama" has reached #3 in Switzerland, #4 in Australia, Austria and New Zealand. It has also reached #6 in the UK becoming their third top ten hit. "Hey Mama" also reached #9 in Canada and #23 in the US becoming another success for the group. The song was also featured in 2007 in Konami's Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 on the Xbox gaming system.
The song was used to promote the 2004 film Garfield: The Movie which stars Bill Murray in the titular role. In the film, Garfield has a dance off with Odie to this song. The song is also included on the film's soundtrack and was used in advertisements for the film.

The music video features 3 main locations, the first shown being a psychedelic limbo, where the BEP does breakdancing and the main verse of the song is sung. (Hey Mama, this that beat that make you move, mama). The color scheme is mostly yellow, red, brown and off-white. The second is the vertically-black-and-white striped canvas-room. A few parts are sung in here, but the main one is the one featuring Fergie. The third one is the club dance scene, which has lots of background characters dancing.

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