Selena Gomez - Round and Round


Selena Gomez performing Round And Round
Selena Gomez - Round And Round
Song: Round And Round
Artist: Selena Gomez
Album: A Year Without Rain
Recorded: 2010
Released: June 22, 2010
Genre: Electropop, Dance-pop
Length: 3:05
Label: Hollywood
SongWriter(s): Kevin Rudolf, Andrew Bolooki, Fefe Dobson, Jeff Halavacs, Jacob Kasher
Producer: Kevin Rudolf

"Round & Round" is a dance-pop song with a length of three minutes and eight seconds, composed by Kevin Rudolf, Andrew Bolooki, and Jeff Halavacs, Jacob Kasher and Fefe Dobson. The song is also disco-influenced electropop, with an uptempo dance vibe, featuring a light rock edge during the verses. Mikael Wood of Billboard said the song "rides a fist-pumping electro groove." According to Amar Toor of AOL Radio Blog, the song pulls influence from Kylie Minogue circa 2001. The song's lyrics speak of a relationship going around in circles. The song's middle eight is a sing-speak breakdown, in which Gomez raps her lyrics in a Kesha-esque fashion.

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