Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All

Kelly Clarkson Mr. Know It All
Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know It All
Song: Mr. Know It All
Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Album: Stronger
Recorded: 2011; Chalice Recording Studios, (Hollywood, Los Angeles); Kennedy Compound, (Studio City, Los Angeles); Starstruck Studios, (Nashville, Tennessee)
Released: September 5, 2011
Genre: Pop, R&B, Pop Rock
Length: 3:53
Label: RCA
SongWriter(s): Brian Seals, Ester Dean, Brett James, Dante Jones
Producer: Brian Kennedy, Ester Dean (co), Dante Jones (add) Dann Huff (country Remix)
The video features Clarkson singing behind a wall full of newspaper articles, both derogatory and favorable, about Clarkson's music career and personal life. The video continually cuts Clarkson confronting a man as a metaphor for "Mr. Know It All" by singing angrily at him. Throughout the chorus, silhouettes Clarkson's touring band fade into the wall as she sings. The video then features Clarkson watching the music video of her single "I Do Not Hook Up" on a Sony Google TV while reading an internet article about the song leaking into the internet. Clarkson later scans through the comments section and laughs at it sarcastically. The video then depicts Clarkson packing her clothes and accessories in a suitcase then leaves the man behind. The video then features Clarkson, dressed in a velvet dress, singing with feathers on her hair. In the final shot of the video, Clarkson tears some of the newspaper clippings at the wall, creating a hole and revealing a sunny, beautiful valley and a road, similar to the one featured in the music video of Madonna's single "Don't Tell Me", in which Clarkson enters along with her suitcase.

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