Hoobastank - The Reason

Hoobastank performing The Reason
Hoobastank - The Reason
Song: The Reason
Artist: Hoobastank
Album: The Reason
Recorded: 2003
Released: April 27, 2004
Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock
Length: 3:53
Label: Island
SongWriter(s): Douglas Robb, Dan Estrin, Chris Hesse, Markku Lappalainen
Producer: Howard Benson

In "The Reason" the band members stage a diversion so they can carry out the elaborate theft of a ruby gem from a pawnshop, but those facts are only clear after enough of the action unfolds, because nothing is as it seems. In the beginning of the video, a girl gets hit by a car and then turns out to be an accessory to the crime. After the "accident", while everyone's attention is diverted, the band members execute the heist. The viewer then realizes that she was in on the operation, as she gets up and rides off with an accomplice on a motorcycle at the end. The presumed owner of the pawnshop displays a look of realization, and the song ends with the band admiring their new acquisition, holding it up to the light and projecting red light-rays onto the ceiling. The accident "victim" is also present. They then hear police sirens from above, and the video fades out.

Their video "Same Direction" is intended as both a sequel and a prequel to the video for "The Reason" and further details the band member's roles, as well as shows the trouble they bring down on themselves from law enforcement.

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